Increase employee happiness like ACG

Find out how Wayleadr solved the problems and delivered a 99% parking satisfaction rate for ACG’s employees.


Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ACG) is an award-winning architectural studio located in the UK.


Occupancy levels in the car park were very unpredictable, causing massive frustration on days when the car park filled up early.


Wayleadr’s allocation & optimization solution provided staff with the parking certainty they needed.


99% employee parking success rate.

About Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ACG) is an award-winning architectural studio located in Hampshire, UK. With a wide range of experience across many sectors and building types AGG are constantly look for innovations which will impact the future design of buildings.

Understanding ACG’s Problem

At their UK office, ACG had 16 parking spaces. Of their 40+ staff, 19 people were regularly looking for somewhere to park.

Employees would often arrive at the office only for the car park to be full. On other days the car park might be half empty. The uncertainty around parking was causing frustration among staff, with the knock on effect that cars were regularly parked off-site adding additional expense to staff.

“Parking for work can be so stressful. Wayleadr informs people ahead of schedule if they have a space at work which removes a massive cost & time burden for staff. This allows people to arrive at work in a positive state of mind. Wayleadr also allows staff to plan for the days when they don’t have a space and to look into alternatives like public transport”

- Helen Goodwin - HR Manager

About Solution

Wayleadr solved ACG’s parking problem very quickly. The optimization and allocation solution, provided staff with the parking certainty they needed.

Staff feedback has been very positive, with employees remarking about the ease of use and intuitive nature of the Android & iOS apps.

Key Benefits

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