• Data is a powerful tool that can help businesses make informed decisions.
  • Several company’s have used the data Wayleadr generates to improve their organization’s last mile automation.
  • This has, in-turn, improved employee’s morale and company processes.

Having access to the right data can help you make better decisions faster. It can also help you save money and time by helping you avoid mistakes. After all, data is just information, and information is power.

Data is so important for a business as it can help you with the following:

  • Identify trends, understand customer behavior, and make better decisions.
  • Save time and automate decisions.
  • Save money and avoid mistakes.
  • Increase efficiency and streamline processes to make better use of your resources.

In short, data is essential for making informed decisions. And, when it comes to company policy, it can be especially useful.

You can use data to understand your business and your employees’ needs. To understand your business and employees’ needs, you need to have data covering all aspects of the company. This data can come from various sources, including surveys, employee feedback, customer feedback, financial reports, etc.

Once you have this data, you can see patterns and trends. You can then use this information to inform company policies. For example, suppose you notice that your employees frequently have problems with parking, and your company wants to address this together with sustainability and reducing traffic.

In that case, you can use data to find the best solution, then use it to inform a change in policy.

Businesses that used data to inform their policies

Countless businesses have used data to inform their policies concerning last mile automation. Here are a few examples, with Wayleadr at the heart of their solution:

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ACG)

Problem: The ACG office in the UK had a tenancy problem. Sixteen car spaces couldn’t house their 40+ staff, so it was a cause of frustration among them. Nineteen employees regularly looked for parking spaces, and some even spent money on off-site parking.

Solution: ACG used data from an employee survey to understand their needs. They then used this information to inform their decision to invest in Wayleadr’s last mile solution. As a result, they increased their car lot occupancy to over 90%, their employees had a 99% chance of securing a space when requested, and their car lot efficiency increased by 12%. Furthermore, they experienced an increase in employee satisfaction.

Version 1

Problem: Version 1 had three issues: They were moving to a new office with fewer car spaces. Their flexible workforce had no predictable office and car lot usage pattern. They tried to encourage sustainable travel choices but struggled to see real results.

Solution: Version 1, with Wayleadr’s services, identified employees with mobility or health issues and guaranteed them a car space. Other employees could book space when needed, and the remaining space was reallocated and distributed fairly. Version 1 also introduced a daily charge for the car lot, donating profits to local charities. As a result, they cut car commuting by more than 50%, diminished 8 hours a week of car lot administration, and automated the management of their flexible workforce.

Colliers International

Problem: Colliers International’s UK office was paying for off-site staff car spaces while designated on-site spaces lay empty regularly. Employees without a car space would check if allotted parking spaces were available, while those who couldn’t find one were forced to park on the street.

Solution: Colliers International used Wayleadr’s data-driven solution to increase their daily car lot occupancy rate. As a result, they didn’t need to pay for car spaces on the street, saving them at least €15K per year. Furthermore, the company encouraged more of their team to plan effectively and to use public transport more often, which is a greener and more effective solution.

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In the case of company policy, you can use it to identify problems, understand employees’ needs, and find solutions that will work best for your business.

If you’re thinking of using data to inform your company’s policies about last mile automation, we suggest you try Wayleadr. We offer a data-driven solution that can help you increase car lot occupancy, save money, and encourage sustainable travel choices. Contact us today to learn more.

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