Real Estate Futureproof 2020: Roundtable Rewind

This week Wayleadr hosted a fascinating roundtable discussion entitled “Commute Conundrums: Managing Journeys Back To The Office” as part of the Real Estate Futureproof digital conference. 

Featuring Aleksander Szybilski from Cushman Wakefield, Will Easton from One Eighty Group, Joy Stephans from 20Chairs and Wayleadr’s Daithí de Buitléir. The conversation covered a broad range of pressing issues for the commercial real estate sector including:

  • How COVID has impacted different markets across the world.
  • How different companies are approaching the return to office conundrum.
  • The key challenges facing landlords and employers as they look to manage commuters to return to offices.
  • What options are available to employers who are looking to manage commuting more effectively.

Checkout the conversation in its entirety right here or if you’re stuck for time we’ve pulled out the five key takeaways below:

  • The impact of COVID has been almost universal on the global commercial real estate sector. Interestingly larger global employers are make worldwide decisions on return to offices which are impacting all markets, while indigenous employers and SMEs are responding more to what is happening in localised markets when mapping their return to offices.
  • With some employers still undecided on the role of offices moving forward, there is  an increasing onus on landlords to reimagine the workplace experience for tenants and their employees. This is beginning to blur lines around workplace experience initiatives which were traditionally occupier led but are now being headed up by landlords who need to demonstrate to clients that the office experience is valuable, enticing and relevant. 
  • Transportation is a major concern for employers and employees with many companies looking to invest in increased cycling infrastructure and parking software to cater for trends in demand away from public transport.
  • E-scooters and other micro-mobility solutions are rising noticeably although mainly as a way for people to make journeys during their workday as opposed to being primary commute methods.
  • Building employee confidence is key to safe and timely return, while tipping points are key. When employees return it will be for increased human interaction and collaboration as opposed to enhanced facilities. Providing the infrastructure for initial employees to return to offices safely and confidently is a key piece in this puzzle.

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