How will employees travel back to work? Getting employee transportation right is more important now than ever.


Navigating what solutions can help your company can be complicated.

So here at Wayleadr we’ve developed the world’s most comprehensive resource to help your staff get back to the office safely.

We’ve talked to experts from the worlds of mobility, real estate and transport to map out the key challenges facing employers and how mobility providers can help.

Featuring insights from:

Kathryn Hagerman Medina on Commuter Engagement
Will O’Brien on E-Scooters
Hugh Cooney on Bikesharing
Jeffrey Okyle on Public Parking
Carl Pittam on Carsharing
Sarah McCartan on Public Transport
Luke Mackey on Taxis
Priyadarshi Singh on Carpooling
Michael Farrell on Property Management
Garret Flower on Office Parking
Will Easton on Facilities Management
Khaoula Morchid on Transport Planning
James Mulhall on Real Estate

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