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Find out how Iress saved £50,000 a year on parking in one location and facilitated employees return to work.


Iress is a technology company providing software to the financial services industry, operating globally.


Needed a solution to manage parking and make the commute to the office easier for their employees in their new hybrid work model.


Streamlined their parking management with Wayleadr including features such as reservation management and real-time availability.


Saved over £50,000 a year in just one location, eliminated time spent on parking administration, and increased employee happiness.


Iress is a technology company providing software to the financial services industry. Their software is used by more than 10,000 businesses and 500,000 users globally. Iress operates across Asia Pacific, United Kingdom & Europe, North America and Africa.


With their new hybrid work model and a drive to encourage more people back to the office, Iress needed a solution to manage parking and make the commute to the office easier for their employees.

Parking administration was taking up a huge amount of time, it was a full time job to manage. They also had a large number of leased spaces that couldn’t be shared amongst employees, meaning parking spaces were lying empty a lot of the time.


To address these challenges, Iress implemented Wayleadr's parking management solution, which allowed them to efficiently manage all aspects of their employee parking, including reservation management, automated allocation, and real-time availability. This resulted in more efficient use of available parking spaces, increased employee satisfaction, and reduced parking administration time.

“Wayleadr's response time on their live chat is fantastic. You're not hanging out waiting - literally a couple of minutes, and then you've got your answer. We couldn't feel more supported.”
- Trudi Roberts, Head of Office Services at Iress

Iress also integrated Wayleadr with Okta to automate user provisioning and with Slack to enable employees to book their parking spots within Slack. With the data and insights provided by Wayleadr, Iress was able to make informed decisions about its parking needs and right-size its real estate spending.

Key Benefits

By implementing Wayleadr's parking management solution, Iress achieved the following benefits:

  • Eliminated the time and resources spent on parking administration, allowing employees to focus on their core work responsibilities.

  • Reduced inefficient real estate spend on employee parking, saving over £50,000 a year in just one location.

  • Automated parking privileges management for both office-based and remote employees.

  • Increased employee happiness and reduced the time and stress associated with parking management.

  • Streamlined their business to support hybrid working effectively.

  • Slack integration allowed Iress employees to easily book their parking directly from within Slack, which streamlined the parking booking process even further.

“Iress is a software house. We build software for a living. It's not only taken the headache away; it's actually streamlined our business to support it in the effective model that it needs to be to support the new world - hybrid working. It works.”
- Iress employee

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