What is ANPR?

ANPR is an acronym for ‘automatic number-plate recognition’ and it is revolutionizing how car parks are managed.

ANPR works by using optical character recognition technology. It uses cameras and technology to read license registration plates and capture other vehicle data.

This data includes the vehicle’s plates, the date and time it passes the cameras, as well as information on which direction it is travelling in.

Of course, within car parks is not its only use. However, parking is an area where this technology is reaching new heights and offering facility managers a chance to raise the efficiency of their lot.

Both office and residential car lots are now seeing the possible benefits of using ANPR as part of their car park management systems.

Integrating ANPR

ANPR tech is usually placed at the entrance and exit points of car parks.

There, it can add an extra security measure to car park access control systems, such as barriers and gates. In an office car park environment, ANPR is particularly useful. Here it can be used to fully automate which vehicles have access and which don’t.

Wayleadr’s software can integrate ANPR with existing hardware to make lots safer and the management of these car parks hassle-free.

ANPR is convenient in terms of security, but it is also useful because we are sharing a lot with other businesses. It’s easier to break the lot and track occupancy.

Benefits of ANPR for office car parks

ANPR for car parks is also useful when it comes to the enforcement of rules.

If a car in your office lot is overstaying its permitted time, you can integrate your software to notify that employee.

Wayleadr’s easy-to-use app allows for this as it can integrate into your existing communications plan.

It is also an ideal tool for managing visitors, as you can add license plate numbers to the permitted vehicle list. You can then remove those plate numbers when that visitor no longer needs to use your facility.

ANPR can help you reduce your overall office facilities cost, as it removes the need for a manned security guard.

If needs be, it can also only allow entry to users at designated times or days. In a hybrid working world, this can be vital as it makes it easier to manage the parking needs of a flexible workforce.

ANPR has also helped businesses reduce their carbon footprint. It can do this by encouraging car sharing via only allowing staff vehicles entrance a certain number of days each month.

Despite that long list of advantages, the key benefit that businesses always cite is ‘improved user experience’. Quite simply, it makes employee parking easier.

Benefits of ANPR for residential car parks

One of the key advantages of ANPR is that it works 24 hours every day. In doing so, there is no need to have security staff on site.

It’s also reliable in all weather conditions and is useful for revenue generation. Notices can be sent to apartments where vehicles are registered.

It is also a great tool for crime prevention. All vehicles that come to and from the building are tracked.

From a safety point of view, it gives details of what vehicles have left the lot. In the unlikely case of an emergency, this information is vital.

Wayleadr is about to launch its new residential software package, which can also integrate with existing parking systems. It will improve security, communication and convenience within residential buildings everywhere.

The technology already works to improve the lives of people working in some of the world’s best known businesses. It is now about to change people’s home lives too.

ANPR is a tool that is here to stay and one that prepares car lots for the future of parking. Learn how Wayleadr can integrate with existing ANPR systems by booking a demo now.

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