Online car park booking systems at the office are massively increasing in popularity. It’s easy to see why. Imagine driving for an hour to get to your workplace parking lot, only to end up cruising for 30 more minutes in your attempt to look for an available parking space. You go to one car park after another and finally, you find a paid slot that is a good 15-minute walk away from your office. 

That is already 45 minutes of wasted time and stress, you feel tired, and your working day has not even officially started yet. 

Unfortunately, that is the weekday story of many stressed commuters all over the world, leading to a phenomenon called car park or parking anxiety.

Though there is no law that requires employers to provide free parking or other commuting benefits to employees, research suggests that commuting-related company practices have a big impact on overall levels of employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Does your company have its own car park? If yes, then something as simple as fixing the way you manage your parking slots allocation may make more employees happy! 

Some companies still prefer to implement the first-come, first-serve method for their parking slots usage, in order to ‘reward’ the early birds, but this may not be the best way to allocate your parking space. This practice puts certain employees at a disadvantage: those who live farther away from the office, parents who need to drop off their kids to school before proceeding to work, employees who like to engage in other activities such as exercising or going to coffee shops before work, etc. 

Employees might even race with each other for the sole remaining slot, which may lead to accidents or feelings of resentment. 

When it comes to managing your car park, it is always best to keep things organized and transparent. An online car park booking system can provide these benefits, address concerns and help optimize your car park usage. 

How does an online car park booking system work?

The system enables employees to view available spaces for the specific date / time, reserve a parking slot, and receive the confirmation- all via a mobile app or web application. 

Whenever there are cancellations or the supposed user of a slot did not show up, the reservation will be automatically released and the parking space will be put back on the available list for reservation. 

Companies can set a limited time window on the hours that an employee can use the slot, example: each space can be open for morning shift, mid-shift and evening shift schedules separately, and the previous user should make sure to vacate the slot, before the next user arrives., the leading workplace parking management software, has an additional digital entry and exit feature, which can easily be integrated with the mobile app’s allocation and booking system, to ensure that real-time parking slot status is visible for users. 

This helps companies optimize their car park operations and minimize idle real estate- making sure that you get the maximum value for the real estate costs that you pay. 

What benefits can companies get from an online car park booking system? 

Saves time and effort 

Airlines are among the heaviest users of the online car park booking system- with 90% of UK airports using an online parking booking facility, while implementation in airports in other European countries is growing by 30% every year. 

Why is this so? Well, we all know how a few minutes can make all the difference in an airport. Imagine the hassle to passengers who get stuck looking for a parking space that they end up missing their flight!

Workplaces can greatly benefit from these time savings too. Instead of being stressed with parking, employees can have peace of mind and focus their energy into being productive at work. 

Employees who weren’t able to book a parking slot for the day will no longer line up at the parking lot too, which means less traffic and delays for permitted individuals.

It’s a system where both employees and the company win. 

Provides contactless convenience

Employees just need to whip out their phone, open a mobile or web app, press a few buttons- and they get a guaranteed parking space. In case you are collecting a parking fee, you can also require users to pay ahead of time (and this can be done online too), to secure the reservation. All these can be done within a couple of minutes. 

An online car park booking system that comes in a mobile app, such as, makes it easy for users to check for availability and make reservations while on the go. The cloud-based system is able to provide updates in real-time, so users can quickly see when a slot suddenly opens up, and the access system can provide entry to the correct vehicles with no delays. 

Makes useful data available 

Monitoring of usage and gathering of data can be done quickly, as the information from the online booking system can be consolidated into useful reports. 

With these reports, the car park admin or operator can quickly detect joy reservers (those who make reservations but do not use the slot), or those who are over-extending their reservation; and easily address violations via the app by suspending or banning certain users from making bookings. 

You can also know when your slowest hours are- when there may be plenty of unused slots, and decide if you want to open the car park to additional users or guests on certain hours.

Works with minimal downtime

If you are a facility or admin manager, you’ve probably experienced people calling you or messaging you in the wee hours of the morning or during weekends, just to inquire about parking availability. And since you’re a human being who needs your sleep and rest, you couldn’t and shouldn’t be entertaining inquiries of this sort beyond your working hours. 

After all, you probably do not even remember which slots are available on specific days and time windows. 

With an online car park booking system, employees can check real-time availability and make bookings, whether or not these are within business hours. This helps people plan their commute better, to decide which days they will be driving and which days they will be taking another form of transportation (thereby reducing carbon footprint). 

Giving employees the chance to make reservations at any time convenient for them can also help you optimize your car park, increase your revenue and maximize your real estate costs.

An online car park booking system does not require a huge financial investment and it is quite easy to set up. We strongly recommend that you make it a part of your parking management system so you and your employees can enjoy a hassle-free parking experience. makes it easy for you to manage your workplace car park operations! 

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