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DC Klinieken is a Dutch healthcare provider, with 15 medical centres across the Netherlands.


DC Klinieken's Amsterdam center were dealing with new parking measures introduced by the local municipality that limited the number of parking spaces per company & require businesses to report daily the vehicle information of cars.


Rolled out Wayleadr to track parking information, vehicle information & increase parking efficiency through allocation.


Saving over 40 hours a month on parking admin.


DC Klinieken is a Dutch healthcare provider, with 15 medical centres across the Netherlands.


DC Klinieken’s Amsterdam centre faced two unique issues when it came to staff parking.

  • The local municipality recently introduced new measures to curb the number of parking spaces allowed per company based on their head count, allowing only 10% of parking spaces to the number of staff. This exacerbated DC Klinieken’s parking problems as they already faced a shortage of spaces and were now unable to source additional spots.

  • The municipality also introduced a requirement for businesses to report daily the vehicle information of the cars using their allocated street parking spaces which was an extremely tedious process for the DC Klinieken team.

To manage their new parking needs, the centre had availed of a parking stacker nearby for small to medium sized cars. However, the local team were having issues allocating the right users to these spaces as they had no visibility of their car size.


Wayleadr's solution helped to solve the multiple issues and unique challenges that this situation presented:

  • Manage car size feature - Wayleadr enabled the manage car size feature for DC Klinieken. During onboarding users were asked to define the size of their car. Wayleadr’s algorithm then ensured that the parking stacker was prioritised primarily for small and medium cars. Large cars that do not fit in the stacker were automatically allocated on-street parking. This allowed for the most efficient use of space.

  • Tracking parking information - Through Wayleadr, the DC Klinieken team now have visibility in real time of the users who have parked on the street. With a few clicks they can pull a report to get the information they need for the municipality.

  • Efficiency - Wayleadr's allocation efficiency has ensured that DC Klinieken's spaces are put to the best use for their employees. With occupancy averaging at 82% this has introduced a new degree of flexibility when it comes to parking.

“Wayleadr got us out of a tricky situation when our parking allocation was suddenly cut. Now we can efficiently use our parking stacker and provide a better parking experience for our staff.”
- Jelmer Jelmer van Harst, Site Manager

Key Benefits

  • Wayleadr's solution has taken the headache out of parking management for the DC Klinieken team. Prior to its introduction, admins were spending an hour of their day manually allocating spaces and pulling information for reports. Now parking takes care of itself!

  • By efficiently managing the parking stacker, DC Klinieken are now able to provide parking spaces for all staff when they need it. This is a huge employee benefit as it saves staff the €6 they could be spending an hour on street parking.

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