Automate parking management like Huckletree

Learn how co-working provider Huckletree uses Wayleadr to automate parking management in a busy, flexible working space.


Huckletree is a co-working community with 6 locations across UK & Ireland servicing 2,000 members globally.


Parking was such a problem to manage that Huckletree had closed their car park.


Wayleadr’s parking management and automation allowed Huckletree to reopen their car park.


100% parking occupancy with no nudges in over a year.


Huckletree is a co-working community which was founded in 2014 in London. They currently operate 6 locations across UK & Ireland servicing 2,000 members globally.

Huckletree’s Dublin space currently services 380 members from their bustling Pearse St location. Members are predominantly early stage start-ups, scaling MNCs, corporate innovation teams and venture capitalists.

About The Problem

At their Dublin location, Huckletree has a limited amount of parking spaces in a private car park they share with two other businesses. Huckletree was experiencing the traditional challenges placed by member companies looking for staff parking. This was compounded by a high level of guests coming on-site for events and meetings looking for parking. Meanwhile the nature of Huckletree’s business means they have a high volume of contractors (cleaners, painters etc.) coming on-site who regularly required parking so they can service the building. On days when Huckletree’s spaces were full, contractors would often park in spaces belonging to other companies which was causing big tension with the landlord.

Huckletree staff would often have to spend up to 2 hours at a time trying to figure out who owned rogue cars and track down contractors to get them to move their car.

Huckletree had previously tried managing their parking through Slack, the popular business communications service. However, it was overly resource intensive to manage, had very little accountability and was discontinued after a short trial. Huckletree’s parking situation had become such a problem that they severely restricted parking access for client companies to ensure that there was always space for contractors. This meant that on any given day up to 50% of all spaces were lying idle.

“Parking was one of those things that was just hanging over me, to be able to bring in a complete solution which adds to our member experience and makes my life easier is absolutely massive for me.”

- Bryan McGarrigle - Membership Manager

How Wayleadr Solved The Problem

Wayleadr allowed Huckletree to solve all of their parking issues in one easy to use automated solution. Contractors were now required to flag their parking needs prior to arrival, ensuring on any given day that the Huckletree team knew who was due on site, what their car registration was and importantly they now had a direct way of communicating with these contractors.

This greater certainty around space usage, allowed Huckletree to broaden the availability of on-site parking to all of their members for the first time ever. Huckletree have embraced Wayleadr’s algorithm driven allocation feature to ensure those who need parking most get preference.

By looking at key factors including length of distance to travel, disability, previous usage patterns, carpooling etc. Wayleadr automatically allocates the available spaces to client companies in a fair and transparent manner.

Wayleadr adoption has been very high, 100% of all parking at the office is now managed using Wayleadr. With 20% of all member companies regularly using the app to park at the office.

“In terms of creating a greater member experience, it’s been absolutely incredible. It’s a real value add which is helping us to stand out from the competition”

- Bryan McGarrigle - Membership Manager

Key Benefits

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