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Main Benefit Wayleadr Brought:

  • Wayleadr implemented a desk booking solution within 2 hours for ONE’s essential office works, enabling the company to provide the maximum amount of workstations available to staff

  • Prior to the renovation, Wayleadr automated ONE Creative Environment’s parking allocation, alleviating 2 hours of weekly admin time


ONE Creative Environments is a multi-disciplinary design company, which works across sectors, with all of the essential disciplines for a design project inhouse. Their head office is located in Worcester, with other branches in Birmingham, London and Cardiff.


Before the introduction of Wayleadr, ONE Creative Environments had an extremely manual approach to parking management. This process was time-consuming, and a huge day to day lift for the sole office administrator. As the company grew to over 50 staff, it became increasingly difficult to accommodate the needs of all employees and ensure a smooth and fair allocation of parking. An extensive office renovation project was also imminent that would temporarily reduce the available number of workstations by 75% causing concern within the management team about how to manage desk allocation fairly and efficiently.


Recognizing the need for a smarter solution, ONE Creative Environments initially partnered with Wayleadr to implement our parking management software. Wayleadr automated and optimised the process, providing a seamless experience for both employees and management. As a result, employees can now manage their own parking requests directly and admins are no longer involved in the allocation of spaces. Wayleadr’s algorithm fairly manages ONE’s 45% surplus demand on spaces by equitably rotating spaces amongst staff. Admins can quickly glean insights from their dashboard and ascertain who is parking where and on what days.

Given the huge success of Wayleadr in managing parking, ONE Creative Environments’ management were confident that desk booking through Wayleadr would be a seamless transition. During the office renovation, Wayleadr was configured to automate desk allocation across two locations. The desk booking setup was done within 2 hours. Given 96% of employees had already adopted Wayleadr, this proved to be an easy change as the tool was already embedded in the workplace.


The implementation of Wayleadr’s parking management and desk booking software resulted in numerous benefits for ONE Creative Environments:

  • Efficient desk booking: Desks were equitably rotated between staff based on demand, while those who didn’t have the option to work from home were given guaranteed desks through Wayleadr’s allocation.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Wayleadr’s desk booking solution allowed employees to see in advance who was working where, enabling them to collaborate with colleagues at a specific location, and foster a sense of community even in a temporarily disrupted workspace.

  • Scalability: Wayleadr has provided software that can accommodate ONE Creative Environments’ growing office needs. As the company expanded, Wayleadr could easily adapt to the evolving requirements and new challenges.

  • Increased Efficiency: By automating parking management and desk booking, ONE Creative Environments saved 2 hours of admin time a week, a considerable improvement over their old manual system.

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Wayleadr has empowered employees to take control of their office needs. They can now plan their workday, knowing they have a reserved parking space or desk waiting for them.


Wayleadr has enabled ONE Creative Environments to introduce more efficient and streamlined processes in parking and desk management. Wayleadr’s desk booking functionality allowed the company to overcome the challenges posed by the office renovation project and ensure a smooth workflow for all employees. With improved efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and optimal space utilization, ONE Creative Environments experienced a significant boost in workplace efficiency.

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