Increase parking availability like Origina

Discover how IT support company Origina are using Wayleadr to boost parking availability at the office by 15%.


Origina offer 3rd party support services for IBM software products.


Up to 50% of parking spaces were lying empty despite a waiting list for parking spaces.


Wayleadr’s parking availability and allocation features.


Increased parking occupancy to 95%. Increased availability of parking by 15%.

About Origina

Origina deliver a vastly improved customer-centric support service for IBM software products, using many of the same independent technical resources that IBM currently does but at a significantly reduced cost.

About Problem

At their Dublin office, Origina have 12 parking spaces. Of their 50+ staff, 21 people were looking for parking on a regular basis.

Several parking spaces were designated based on seniority with the remainder available on a first come, first-serve basis. Employees were regularly frustrated when they arrived at the office to see the first-come, first-serve spaces full but some of the designated spaces were empty.

In fact, due to senior employee’s work commitments and heavy travel schedules, these spaces were lying empty up to 50% of the time.

Parking was causing disillusionment among staff who were often left paying for alternate spaces at considerable expense despite the fact that the company spaces were not being used.

“All SMEs are looking to get bang for their buck right across the business, Wayleadr is a no-brainer for any company with more staff than parking spaces. You can get extra people into your staff car park for a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to rent extra spaces.”

- Tomás O’Leary - CEO

About Solution

Wayleadr solved Origina’s parking problem overnight. By rolling-out Wayleadr’s optimization and allocation solution, Origina was able to ensure that parking occupancy rose to an average of over 95%.

Origina’s designated space owners are regularly asked to confirm when they need parking by Wayleadr. All other employees who would like a space also flag when they would like a space. Wayleadr’s cutting edge algorithm takes all the requests from employees and allocates the spaces in real-time.

This ensures all senior management get space when they need it. No spaces are being left idle for long periods of time. Employees have a much greater chance of parking at work and they are notified well ahead of time if they have received a space or not allowing them to make alternate travel plans if necessary.

“Wayleadr opened my eyes to how simple staff parking can be, the number of meetings which used to be hijacked by people complaining about parking was a real drain on time and goodwill. Now you’d never hear anyone talking about parking, it’s all about areas of the business which add value.”

- Tomás O’Leary - CEO

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