You might not realise it, but a parking reservation and booking system could change your business.

It sounds simple and once you take the first step, it actually is. However, for many organisations,

The answer is: ‘If it’s not broken, then why fix it?’.

What those organisations don’t realise is that traditional parking management is broken.

It could be costing them money, their best talent, and even their reputation as a company that cares about sustainability.

More than just parking reservation and booking

When you install a parking management system, employees are then able to reserve parking spots.

However, there is more to this process than just the certainty employees get from arriving at work knowing they have a space:

1. Reduced admin

Those who manage your lot are able to move away from needless parking paperwork and management. Thereby, allowing them to be productive in other areas.

For facility managers, manually managing those using the lot can be a drain on their productivity in other areas.

We have even heard of commuting program management having to leave meetings to manually contact staff members when a lot is full.

And no matter how detailed orientated the staff member is, there is also the issue of human error.

2. Employee morale

It’s been repeatedly proven that the commute is one of the most stressful parts of the day for workers. However, putting a system like this in place ensures that that doesn’t have to be the case.

There is less tension between employees, as unused reserved spaces are no longer causing issues. Staff members also don’t feel the need to come to work extra early to take advantage of an antiquated ‘first come, first served’ policy.

When manual methods are used, staff can feel disgruntled at certain aspects of their parking experiences. For instance, it has to be tough if you’re paying for off-site parking when there are reserved on-site spaces that aren’t being used.

That simply doesn’t happen with a parking reservation system.

Lower carbon footprint

When staff don’t have to go looking for a space, they drive less. This, in turn, reduces overall emissions and congestion in a given area.

Aligning with employees’ environmental concerns can help you keep your best staff and improve your reputation as a company.

And staff retention is a key element for any business that wants to grow and improve its overall offering.


The best systems can integrate with whatever your business already has in place and seamlessly allow your organization to automatically become more efficient as a whole.

Wayleadr is a perfect example of this, as it is a company that prides itself on its ability to provide bespoke solutions that fit into the system that an organization already has in place.

It’s also worth noting that reservation systems work perfectly with EV charging facilities. More and more businesses are realising that having these facilities in place in the lot is more than just a perk, but a modern necessity.

However, like any new facility, it is important that they are managed. Booking and reservation features within parking management software will allow you to do this.

Generate income

If you have spare spaces in your lot, this represents an opportunity to gain extra revenue from your lot. However, many businesses don’t realize that they have these spare spaces, because they don’t have the data that a parking reservation and booking system provides.

Right now, you might have a lot of 100 spaces. With that, there might be 30 spaces reserved. However, on any given day, only 10 of those spaces could be in use.

If you introduce a parking management system, those 10 spaces can be booked and that frees up 20 spaces that can be rented or used by other staff members.

Make hybrid work happen

Flexibility is the new normal, but with it, there has been an abundance of uncertainty around the commute.

This has led to some workers seeking to stay at home permanently and others switching jobs to businesses that have parking management solutions in place.

However, a parking reservation and booking system can change that.

That is because it provides the commuter with the peace of mind of knowing that when they reach the office that they will have somewhere to park their car.

Is a parking reservation and booking system right for you?

If you are still unsure about whether or not you need a parking reservation and booking system for your company, then contact Wayleadr today.

We can run through the options with you and offer a potential solution that increases the overall efficiency of your parking lot.

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