• Most businesses with over 10 employees have some issues around parking. These issues are usually around the use of space, or congestion. Parking apps can be the solution.
  • Businesses can solve their parking problems as they arise, or prevent these problems from ever happening with a proactive approach.
  • ACG, Sanofi, and Version 1 are just three organizations that solved their car lot problems with a parking app.

We have touched upon this before: most companies that have over 10 employees have some issues around parking.

Generally speaking, these issues can be broken down into three categories: too many staff, too many spaces, and finally, too much congestion.

Parking management software can provide you with a solution to each of the problems listed above. And importantly, the right app can also integrate into you and your employee’s daily working lives with ease.

For instance, Wayleadr’s parking app is renowned for its ease of use, as well as its ability to change the in-house dynamic of parking within organisations.

Of course, your business may not be facing into any of these problems just yet. Thus, introducing a parking app might not be at the top of your to-do list.

However, in this instance, you may be taking a reactive stance, rather than a proactive approach. A parking app could help you prevent the problem before it happens.

Just look at how these businesses benefitted…

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt (ACG) and parking apps

The award-winning UK architectural firm, ACG, solved its car lot problems by introducing a parking app.

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt case study

Unpredictability around car lot occupancy was causing unnecessary stress to employees. There was massive frustration on certain days when the lot would fill up early and staff would have to circle the block looking for an off-site solution.

However, after introducing a digital solution, ACG was save both time and money for its staff, who were able to book, and check, space availability ahead of time.

Helen Goodwin, HR Manager at the company discussed this.

She said: “Parking for work can be so stressful. Wayleadr informs people ahead of schedule if they have a space at work which removes a massive cost & time burden for staff. This allows people to arrive at work in a positive state of mind. Wayleadr also allows staff to plan for the days when they don’t have a space and to look into alternatives like public transport”

A key point here is that employee feedback around the ease of use and intuitive nature of the Android & iOS apps was also overwhelmingly positive.

Sanofi and parking apps

Before introducing a parking app, Sanofi’s three Spanish offices had issues around their lots.

sanofi case study

There was always plenty of demand for parking. However, there was often free spaces within the lot that were reserved, but not in use. Thus, the company had to spend more and more to ensure each staff member had a space.

It got to the point where introducing a parking app to help with efficiencies became the obvious solution.

They looked for the app that was easiest to use, quickest to set-up and offered best mobile app experience.

As Eric van Hout, Head of Facility & Record Management at Sanofi, pointed out, they decided upon Wayleadr.

He said: “Due to the ease of use, employees have adopted the parking app quickly and they really like using Wayleadr. Feedback has shown staff are really honest that we have a fair and transparent parking management solution”

This parking app has allowed the facility management team to group employees together based on their parking privileges. Now, staff simply go to the app, select the days they want parking and based on demand and their privileges

Then, they are notified the day before if a space is available for them and where they should park.

Version 1 and parking apps

The first two case studies looked into how parking apps can improve the daily lives of employees who are using the lot.

However, it can have many other benefits.

Version 1 case study

For instance, software delivery company Version 1 managed to do the following:

  • Automated the management of parking privileges for a remote workforce.
  • Reduced car commuting by over 50%.
  • Cut down on inefficient real estate spend around employee parking.
  • Eliminated 8 hours a week of employee parking administration.
  • Ensured parking didn’t become a big issue during an office move.
  • And allowed all staff access to the employee car park when they really need it.

It did all of this thanks to the introduction of parking management software, and by introducing an easy to use app.

Chris Clarke discussed the benefits at the firm, particularly when it comes to communication. He said: “Communicating with people around whether they have a parking spot or not has made a massive difference in allowing people to plan alternative ways to get to work”.

Parking apps and your business

With the world of work changing, digital options are providing solutions for businesses that have not existed before. Parking management software is one of those solutions and one that can transform the daily commute of your employees.

It can also help you with modern challenges, such as ensuring your company is ready for hybrid working, or by ensuring you have a more environmentally friendly car policy.

However, the option remains: you can wait for a problem, then try to solve it. Or you can introduce a parking app now and prevent that problem from ever happening.

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