• Last mile automation software impacts three key areas, namely, company operations, employee experiences, and the community.
  • The expected results in company operations include increased efficiency, reduced cost, and increased work productivity.
  • The expected results among coworkers include better parking resource management from company leaders, better employee parking experiences, and operations teams can perform better.
  • The expected results within a community include lower carbon footprint, less commuting time around the neighborhood, and less congestion around office areas.

Fixing your organization’s car space problems doesn’t have to be a complex task. After all, most spacing problems come from an overdependence on the individuals who are managing manual systems. 

Automated systems help you avoid these issues, as there is less wasted work hours, empty spaces and poor employee experiences.

Our solution can help your organization stress less and enjoy a whole host of other benefits. 

For instance, three areas where you can expect to see fast results are in company operations, employee experiences, and in the local community around where your company is based. 

Company Operations

The most convincing argument for an efficient last mile automation management system is that it can positively impact your organization’s operations. 

Here’s how…

Increased Efficiency

According to an impact study using Wayleadr, car space efficiencies increased by 24% when last mile automation software was used. 

This means 24 more spaces out of 100 spaces were available every day. 

This resulted in less admin, as well as less staff and visitors not being forced to use off-site facilities. 

Less Administration & Reduced Costs

According to research, on average, 40 hours of administration resources are spent monthly on parking management. A last mile automation system eliminates these administration hours, meaning up to 480 admin hours can be saved annually. 

Based on average industrial wages, Wayleadr’s automation can create a $15,039 reduction in admin costs.

It also ensures spaces are used efficiently, which cuts down on off-site charges. 

Charges from software are charged daily for as low as $10 per space. This is comparatively low, with per hour parking prices, which often range from between $2 and $17 per space. 

Improved Employee Experiences

When car space management is not efficient, there is uncertainty for every member of staff, from management to the average office employee. 

  1. Resource Management 

Companies often reserve spaces for management. However, most members of management are not available every day due to their busy schedules. 

Instead of keeping the space reserved in their absence, leaders can forfeit their spaces so that other workers can use them. A move like this can inspire workers and improve employee experience as a whole, as Nick Coveney, Commercial Director, Colliers International, notes. 

He said: “As a leader in the business, it’s important for me to set a positive example when it comes to costs, efficiency, employee wellbeing, and the environment. Wayleadr allows me to do this in the tap of a button, with the added benefit of my colleagues arriving for work in a much better mood.”

  1. Better Employee Experiences

Finding a space can become a persistent problem for staff who don’t have the privilege of reserved areas.

In such use cases, tools like Wayleadr can let management teams know what employees’ needs are. This can solve issues, by allowing space allocation on an unbiased, first-come basis. 

This allows spaces to be allocated based on availability, and employees can continue track  availability via the software until they get to the office. Helen Goodwin, Business Support Manager, Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt, notes the benefits of this. 

She said: “Parking for work can be so stressful. Knowing ahead of schedule that I have a space at work removes a massive cost & time burden – allowing me to arrive at work in a positive state of mind. It also allows me to plan for the days when I don’t have a space which has definitely increased my use of public transport.”

  1. More Informed Decisions

Reports can be generated on office spaces in real-time, which leads to better decisions going forward. For instance, if the lot is always full on a given day every week, organizations can move some of their hybrid staff to remote working on that given day. 

Bryan McGarrigle, Membership Manager, Huckletree, discussed the benefits of having more data to work with. 

He said: “Parking was one of those things that was just hanging over me, to be able to bring in a complete solution which adds to the Huckletree experience and makes my life easier is absolutely massive for me.”

Community Benefits 

Not only can your business and your employees benefit from installing a management system. It can also be a worthwhile way for a business to contribute to their local community. 

  1. Lower Carbon Footprint

You can lower the carbon footprint of your company, by using management tools such as Wayleadr. 

Work commutes are extended when staff members cruise around the lot looking for empty spaces. By implementing last mile automation tools, staff have a more direct route to the workplace. 

According to the impact study, workers will travel 22,464 kilometers less per year, reducing congestion around the office. 

Wayleadr will reduce your employees’ carbon footprint by 4.77 metric tonnes of carbon.

  1. Less Commuting Time Within The Community

According to the impact study, the work commute is extended by 6 minutes when a staff member does not have a guaranteed space. Using software like Wayleadr means your staff will spend much less time sitting in traffic.  

With less time and distances spent looking for spaces, the congestion issues in the local communities hosting your company will be significantly reduced.


A last mile automation system can help an organization become more efficient, increase morale in employees and have a positive influence over a company’s impact on a given area. 

Join industry leaders from companies like Sanofi, & CBRE, schedule a demo with today and solve your parking problems in the click of a button.

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