• Good car lot management can directly impact your business bottom line.
  • By taking the hassle out of parking for both you and your employees, your business reaps the benefits of increased productivity, satisfaction, efficiency, automation, and of course, money.

If you own or operate any business, good car lot management can help you make more money. Here’s how…

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What is car lot management?

Car lot management is managing and regulating the vehicles in a parking lot. It includes everything, from enforcing parking regulations, to automating the parking process.

Car lot management can actually have a big impact on your business and particularly on the morale of your team.

For instance, when employees have a bad experience in a parking lot, their work satisfaction and productivity rates can suffer.

On the other hand, if those same employees have a good experience – say, because the car lot is managed well – they are more likely to be satisfied with their commute to their job and thus, they’ll be productive employees.

In other words, good car lot management can directly impact your business in ways you haven’t even thought of.

Looking for some real-life examples? Check out how companies like Colliers International, Version 1 & Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt have solved their parking problems.

Wayleadr can help you manage your car lot

Wayleadr offers parking management software, which can automate the parking process and make it easier for employees to find a spot.

Our software optimizes and manages your parking lot by allowing you to see real-time data on space availability and the booking and the releasing of parking spots. In other words, it helps take the hassle out of parking for both you and your employees.

Experience the future of parking management

Try Wayleadr for yourself and see how easy parking management can be

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The benefits of good car lot management

While the benefits of good car lot management might not be immediately obvious, they are definitely there. Here are just a few of the ways good car lot management can help your business:

Increases employee satisfaction and productivity

As we mentioned, good car lot management can lead to happier, more productive employees. And that’s good for business. After all, Go Remotely reports engaged workers are more efficient, leading to a profit boost of 21%.

If your car lot is managed correctly, then your employees’ daily commutes won’t be as stressful, as they won’t have to worry about getting a parking spot. They will have the peace of mind of knowing their space will be waiting for them when they arrive at the workplace.

It also allows employees to use their time more efficiently. Instead of spending time circling the parking lot, they can head straight to their office and get to work.

Saves you (and others) money

Unfortunately, many workers still pay for parking outside their workplace. This can be due to the lack of available spots or inefficient parking management systems.

This expense can also fall upon employers, who often have the available space, but purchase off-site parking due to inefficiencies.

With good car lot management, businesses can maximize space through parking management tools like Wayleadr, and their workplace will become more efficient.

Makes your business greener

You can also make your business more sustainable and eco-friendly by managing your parking lot. For example, if your employees can park closer to the office, they won’t have to drive as far and generate as much emissions.

If your parking lot is better managed, you also won’t need as much pavement, which means less asphalt and concrete – two materials that are notoriously bad for the environment, per Aexcel.

Additionally, if you use install an electric vehicle (EV) charger, your business can help encourage employees to drive EVs, which are much better for the environment than gas-powered cars.

Reduces stress

The American Institute of Stress notes workplace stress affects 83% of Americans. Half of that number are not engaged in their jobs because of this.

Any business owner or manager knows that a stressed-out employee is not a productive employee. And good car lot management can help reduce strain by making parking easier.

For example, a parking management system like Wayleadr can alert staff in real-time about parking availability.

Improves customer satisfaction

Of course, it’s not just employees who benefit from good car lot management. Customers will, too. If your patrons are happy with their parking experience, they’re more likely to be satisfied with your business as a whole.

And if they have a bad experience trying to park, they may never return. In fact, Help Scout‘s 2022 data shows that 80% of consumers will leave a brand for their competitor after a bad experience.

The bottom line

Good car lot management is essential for any business – big or small. It can save money, reduce stress, make your workplace more sustainable, and improve customer satisfaction. And with a parking management system like Wayleadr, it’s easier to get started. 

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