Uber's Partnership with Wayleadr Transformed Employee Arrivals

Discover how Wayleadr’s collaborative solution redefined the arrival experience for Ubers employees.


Uber, a leading technology company, transformed global mobility with its app, changing how millions travel and connect worldwide.


In a hybrid work model shift, Uber faced parking challenges at its Mission Bay office, with 3500 employees competing for 465 spots, causing congestion.


Uber implemented Wayleadr’s all-in-one Arrival solution, introducing a reservation system, carpool feature, and efficient space management to tackle parking issues collaboratively.


Enhanced parking space utilization and sustainability, significant cost savings for employees, user-friendly commuting experience, and streamlined parking management.


Uber is a pioneering technology company transforming the transportation landscape through its innovative app-based platform. With operations spanning across continents, Uber serves millions of users worldwide, revolutionising the way people commute and travel.


Transitioning to a hybrid work model, Uber faced challenges in parking management at their bustling Mission Bay office. With 3500 employees vying for just 465 parking spots, the situation led to early morning congestion and tailbacks around the office. The limited availability and high demand created a critical need for an efficient arrival solution.

“Wayleadr turned empty parking spots into hubs of efficiency, saved us tons of wasted admin time, and made manual management a thing of the past. Now, we have the insights we need on space utilization, making every space work smarter for us.”
- Angela Genochio, ​Transportation Program at Uber


Uber tackled its parking challenges by strategically implementing Wayleadr's all-in-one Arrival solution, a culmination of multiple phases of improvements through a collaborative partnership.

The introduction of a reservation system, utilizing Wayleadr’s allocation algorithm, allowed Uber employees to secure parking spots in advance, significantly reducing congestion around the busy Mission Bay office.

This system was seamlessly integrated with the existing Skidata access control, ensuring entry only for employees with reservations, thereby streamlining enforcement for the Uber Transportation team.

Additionally, Uber pioneered the use of Wayleadr’s Waypool feature, an innovative carpool solution, accommodating more users within the existing parking infrastructure while actively reducing single-occupancy vehicle travel.

Addressing the dynamic needs of busy office days, Wayleadr developed a special pillar day feature for efficient space management.

Furthermore, the introduction of a new Assistant feature simplified parking management for executives, offering digital delegation capabilities for their Personal Assistants. Alongside this, the Guaranteed Days feature, allowed executives or their PAs to make their unused parking spots available to colleagues, optimizing space utilization.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized utilization of parking spaces, effectively addressing the high demand and limited availability issue.

  • Enhanced sustainability practices by reducing reliance on external parking and encouraging efficient use of in-house resources.

  • Provided significant financial benefits to employees, saving them daily parking costs in the Mission Bay area.

  • Created a user-friendly and efficient arrival experience, simplifying daily commuting for employees.

  • Achieved cost-effectiveness in parking management, reducing administrative overhead and making better use of available spaces.

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